Dollar Paralelo Venezuela

The Paralelo Dollar in Venezuela.

Wednesday 21st of August 2019 04:24 AM

On December 31 2006 the value official was 2.150 Bolivar for 1 Us$ but 5.700 Bolivar on the Venezuela Paralelo market.
The value 19 August 2018 official was 207,360 Bolivar for 1 Us$ but 4,437,623 Bolivar on the Venezuela Paralelo market.
On 20 August 2018 was the official value 2.07 Bolivar for 1 Us$ but 44,37 Bolivar on the Venezuela Paralelo market with the new Bolivar Soberano.

The timelapse from the "old"(Bs)(VEB) to the "newer"(BsF)(VEF) to the newest (BsS)(VES):
Venezuelan Bolivar: 100,000,000 Bolívares = 100,000 Bolívar fuerte(1 January 2008) = 1 Bolívar Soberano(20 August 2018).
If you was millionair in 2007 with VEF 100,000,000.- you have now (in 2019) 1.- BsS. When you change that into a Dollar you have less than 0.001 Us$.

Banknotes: 1st row Bolivar Bs.(VEB), 2nd row Bolivar Fuerte BsF. (VEF), 3rd row Bolivar Soberano BsS.(VES).
Dolar Today
DolarToday Us$/BsS: Is the monetary liquidity divided among the international reserves of Venezuela.
Cucuta Us$/BsS: The exchange offices in Cúcuta, at the border with Colombia, have these rates.
And the third (Implicito) is calculated using information from the Central Bank of Venezuela.

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Wednesday 21st of August 2019 04:24 AM